Hello lovely TMD brides!

On the 28th April Truly Madly Deeply will be closed our doors. The reasons are varied but our lease ran out on that date and we had to vacate our current premises so we took the decision after 16 amazing years to close and move onto new exciting opportunities and challenges.

What does this mean for you?

Brides with current orders should already have been contacted to let you know what's happening and to make arrangements for collection of your dress and fittings. If I've missed anyone, please let me know.


I understand this may seem a little unsettling but we have taken this decision for many personal reasons and because our lease expired on the 28th April we had to leave our premises. Although our shop is closed we will still be very much in business, and still be working away behind the scenes finalising orders and fittings so we are still here and still contactable if you need anything so please don’t hesitate.


But please be assured, your dress is completely safe, and your fittings will take place as planned as the seamstress we use operates out of her own premises.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank you for the last 16 years. We started our shop from nothing and despite loads of people telling us we would fail, our little store has been a roaring success and it's all because of you, our lovely customers. We are sad to be closing and we will miss you all, but 16 years is a long time and we had the option to renew our lease for another 3 years, sell the business (we're very profitable and would have loved someone to take over and build it to something more but we tried last year and it didn't work out), or close up and move onto some new and exciting prospects and challenges.


On an extremely positive note, we're happy to say that the lovely Omni next door to us are expanding! They're taking over so if you have struggled to get a seat in Omni for the last few years, you're not going to struggle any more.


We wish them every success.


Thank you once again to the lovely brides we have seen over the last 16 years, and we are eternally grateful to you for making us what we are. There are many of you who are very special to us - you know who you are.

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It's all about you..

..always has been..

..always will be.


One bride at a time, private appointment, 50% outlet, and 15 years' worth of bridal advice at your disposal..


Over 150 gowns at your fingertips. If it's relaxed, elegant, simple or dramatic,

your dress lies on this page.. 


Budget around £500?  Wedding just around the corner?


Our huge outlet rails have it all, ready to take away.

And who doesn't love an outlet? 

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The people on this page are the only reason we exist.


We can't put it any other way! 

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